Testing the XMOS TCP/IP Stack
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Wireshark Traces


Russ Ferriday, Topia Systems, Ltd.

This is a very experimental project for the XMOS XC-2 version 2V0

I'm trying to attain a high streaming speed for a connection initiated by the 
XC-2 to a server. I have a long road ahead.

I'm currently at the point where I can send up to about 50 * 4kB 
messages without incident, then something blocks. And if I remove my debug
prints, I can't even send the first packet.

I'm finding the documentation a bit thin (basically it's a header file, a few
post of non-functional code on the forum, and what you can extract from the
firmware sources.

I'd love to have a dialog with anyone who has managed significant send
performance on the XC-2.

To run it, pull in the entire repos as a new workspace.
Then you need to configure a tcpip server with, and run
the python dummy_server supplied in the root of the repos. The server listens
on port 8008, and prints incoming packets.

My code runs fine from RAM (no need to flash), though there is a timing issue
after startup, so flash performance may differ.

On my MacBook, I connect to the web via Wifi, and manually configure ethernet, 
after plugging in the XC-2, to  This keeps me connected for
research, while the python server run at the terminal prints the traffic.

Pull requests accepted.