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hopsoft commented Jun 10, 2019

User Story

As a publisher, I want a single ad to render even if I accidentally include the embed script more than once so that I don't defraud the system.


Including the embed script more than once triggers multiple network requests for ads and their corresponding pixels. We should detect this and prevent it.

Acceptance Critera

Embedding the script more than onc

mottosso commented Jun 30, 2019


Simplify getting started on your first pipeline.


First thing anyone asks when getting started with Avalon is what config to use and how to use it. Turn that into a single command.


Like a package registry e.g. pip or scoop or conda, enable the user to install both avalon and a (registered) config via the command-line on first-use.


adrxglb commented Sep 14, 2017

In js/manager.js exist a property called renderOutOfThePage and it could be implemented in the AdSlot component (with the issue that returns an iframe with a width 1px and height 1px)

I don't know if it's an issue at all. But I need to implement this feature with the atributes width 100% and height 100% and I really don't know how to contribute with that.

A nice friendly simple and easly customizable GUI for coinhives javascript miner to embed onto websites so users of your site can interact with features of the miner on every single page this javascript miner is to help those who have problems with advertisements/advertising/ads popups banners mobile redirects malvertising/malware etc and provide a all around better cleaner web experience for everyone.

  • Updated Dec 6, 2019
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