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RobStallion commented Dec 1, 2018

@nelsonic This README is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know this is not what issues are for but it really is amazing. Thanks so much)

I have gone through and made some points, and wanted to list them here. I can separate them out into different issues if needed and start working on them but just wanted to have them documented somewhere.



Dinsmoor commented Aug 4, 2017

Output from $ nimble install nimaes

Downloading using git
Warning: File inside package 'nimAES' is outside of permitted namespace, should be named 'nimAES.nim' but was named 'test.nim' instead. This will be an error in the future.
Hint: Rename this file to 'nimAES.nim', move it into a 'nimAES/' subdirectory, or prevent its installation by adding

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