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MrNaif2018 commented Sep 28, 2019

Currently we have almost all the endpoints tested, it would be needed to test websocket endpoints too. TestClient has websocket_connect to test websockets.
All the websocket endpoints must: close connection if id provided is invalid, or object with such id doesn't exist in db(for now it looks like connection isn't closed even when using .close())
If all is fine, it should add the websocket t

florimondmanca commented Oct 8, 2019

We should document how to integrate with various ASGI frameworks besides Starlette:

  • Starlette
  • FastAPI
  • Responder
  • Quart
  • Sanic

The first step would be to moving the current "ASGI sub-mounting" Starlette-specific instructions to new section, e.g. "Integrating with an ASGI web framework". Then we can add more frameworks to the section.

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