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barentsen commented May 21, 2020


Lightkurve has a lot of unit tests which access the data archive at MAST. This causes a number of problems:

  • our tests are slow;
  • many of our tests require internet access;
  • tests sometimes fail due to intermittent issues at MAST rather than Lightkurve issues;
  • we add an unnecessary load on MAST's services.

Current workaround

We have flagged the tests which require inte

bsipocz commented Dec 15, 2018

There are way to many UserWarnings coming out of the testing suite (causing at least one of the travis jobs to terminate). Ideally the tests should avoid running into those issues except in the case when their raising is tested on a context manager.

I suppose this issue can be a nice starting point for someone new to the project and wanting to become familiar with the code base before e.g. GSoC

G-Francio commented Feb 26, 2020

Adstring outputs the wrong string when dec starts with negative zero (i.e. -0.5), while radec converts correctly.

>> adstring(15, -0.5)
" 01 00 00.0  +00 30 00"

>> radec(15, -0.5)
(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, -0.0, 30.0, 0.0)

The bug seems to be this line in adstring.jl:

dec_string = @sprintf("%+03.2d %02d %s", dec_deg, dec_min, dec_sec_string)

which ignores the negative zero.

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