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trhr commented Feb 26, 2020

Documentation issue

I'd write this, but I feel like someone with more server admin experience would be more qualified. Some quick and dirty instructions for operating the server as stably as possible; taking into account things like:

  • System service execution of a virtualenv containing evennia
  • Database maintenance
  • Memory maintenance / ulimits / server reboot schedule
  • Misc error
DennisLiu-elogic commented Aug 8, 2019

我的OpenCV安裝路徑 : C:/OpenCV3.0

CMakeLists.txt中 :



set(CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH ${CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH} C:/OpenCV3.0/opencv/build)
find_package(OpenCV 3 REQUIRED)

Configure第一次結果 :

OpenCV ARCH: x86
CMake Warning at C:/OpenCV3.0/opencv/build/OpenCVConfig.cmake:166 (message):

Developers may need a simple dashboard for docker to have consistent overview. This tool could be helpful for developers who want to check docker resources at a glance in their development environment. This tool will not expand the scope for production service operation. We would like to give better convenience to coders and let them save their effort through this neat GUI tool

  • Updated Mar 17, 2018
  • Python

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