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TERMIK commented Sep 21, 2020

I've included the header file "catch.hpp" in my iOS application where I have a C++ part and defined #define CATCH_CONFIG_MAIN in a cpp file that I want to be tested.

I've also written a simple test:

int return_int(int arg){
return 1;

TEST_CASE( "Test", "[int]" ) {
REQUIRE(return_int(1) == 1);
REQUIRE(return_int(2) == 1);

But all I have are these two errors

pekkaklarck commented Sep 3, 2020

Convert To Title Case was added in RF 3.2 (#2706). Unfortunately its not fully compatible with the old Should Be Title Case keyword. For example, the second test below fails with 'This Is Not OK!' is not titlecase.:

*** Settings ***
Library        String

*** Test Cases ***
    ${title} =    Convert To Title Case    This is ok.
    Should Be Title Case    $
nohwnd commented Jul 2, 2019

It would be nice to start building Pester on PowerShell 7 as well to see if it is compatible and keep it that way. To achieve that we need to research on which build servers v7 is already available. Right now we are building on TravisCI (Linux and MacOS), on AppVeyor (PowerShell 4+) and AzureDevOps (PowerShell 2&3).

Not sure if the build task needs to run on all three platforms, but it would be

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