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adamsitnik commented Mar 5, 2021

The original issue was reported in dotnet/performance#1701:

// Benchmark Process Environment Information:
// Runtime=.NET 6.0.0 (, X64 RyuJIT
// GC=Concurrent Workstation
// Job: Job-AQTFSE(PowerPlanMode=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, IterationTime=250.0000 ms, MaxIterationCount=20, MinIterationCount=15, WarmupCount=1)

PragTob commented Dec 18, 2016

For different use cases, like bencheeorg/benchee_html#10 it'd be great to have statistics about statistics - what I'd call "meta statistics" - although there's probably some better real statistics name for this :)

What should be in there (that I know of so far):

  • job size (how many jobs are in there)
  • minimum of run times over all jobs
  • maximum of run times over all jobs

This should be

sampreet-arthi commented Oct 10, 2020

There seem to be some vulnerabilities in our code that might fail easily. I suggest adding more unit tests for the following:

  • Custom agents (there's only VPG and PPO on CartPole-v0 as of now. We should preferably add more to cover discrete-offpolicy, continuous-offpolicy and continuous-onpolicy)
  • Evaluation for the Bandits and Classical agents
  • Testing of convergence of agents as proposed i

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