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kexinhuang12345 commented Sep 30, 2021

Describe the problem
PROTACs are a class of therapeutics that flag target proteins to a cell's waste disposal system, instead of the traditional binding to targets. It has been very promising due to its ability to tackle undruggable targets. However, problems still exist, such as designing the PROTACs, measure the degradability, understand the mechanism. A recent paper

good first issue new-task help-wanted
alessiamarcolini commented May 5, 2022

Describe the bug
LocalOtsuThreshold should return a binary mask as np.ndarray, like its "sibling" OtsuThreshold

  1. We should not apply np_to_pil before returning, but threshold_to_mask (like OtsuThreshold)
  2. The docstrings of LocalOtsuThreshold and local_otsu_threshold are different, while they should be the same.
  3. Type hints need to be fixed as well to reflect the new
bug good first issue

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