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SuperLSH commented Apr 29, 2020

I found that there ara two kinds of output in transactions.json.
One is nonstandard, and the other is pubkeyhash.
I thought the nonstandard output is the op_return output, but i found outputs of many (not all ) coinbase txs also are nonstandard. And address of miner is like“nonstandard3318537dfb3135df9f3d950dbdf8a7ae68dd7c7d”.
Here is an example:
transaction: {

Statistics on Ethereum tokens to get results from data. This is a study of various features of the BNB token over the time period 2017-18. Here we find out the the behaviour of users buying and selling the token. we also try to analyze the user activity from other ethereum tokens and find the relationship between influential buyers and token price. We also study the correlation among token price and several extracted features and develop a multiple linear regression model to fit the price return of BNB token.

  • Updated Dec 2, 2018
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