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HDembinski commented Mar 27, 2019

Histograms are often used to compute efficiencies in HEP. This is best done with a dedicated accumulator, to avoid filling two separate histograms. If one uses two histograms, the bin lookup is done twice instead of once.

Code could look like this:

auto h = make_histogram_with(dense_storage<accumulator::efficiency<>>(), axis::regular<>(10, 0, 1));

h(0.1, sample(false)); // didn't 

This open source project is a proxy manager, a module written in C++ that allows you to create TCP/IP proxies. You can run severals proxies simultaneously with different configurations. The main features include support to the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, timeout control, configurable buffer sizes, dump of messages, thread pool and much more.

  • Updated Jan 16, 2019
  • 23 commits
  • C++
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