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CsatiZoltan commented Oct 1, 2019

\cvevent uses \cdot to enlist items. This has the drawback that it is not positioned at the center of a capital letter. Maybe using the itemize environment would help (\cdot could be simulated by decreasing the size of the bullet). Alternatively, the height of the \cdot could be raised.

mphartzheim commented Sep 17, 2019

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Main Chat window:

  1. Manually position chat window
  2. Reload UI
  3. Main Chat window is positioned slight off where it should be (see screenshots).

Additional Chat windows:

  1. Create new chat window
  2. Manually position chat window to the right of main chat window
  3. Reload UI
  4. Additional Chat window overlaps Main Chat window (see screensh

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