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nsporillo commented Oct 2, 2019

GlobalWarming works by taking the cumulative carbon scores on a per world basis and translating that into a temperature based on the configurable models files.

Right now we support a /gw debug temp <value> command which will manually override the worlds temperature by calculating the score that the desired temperature matches to and setting the worlds score in the database. However, we t

amaurymartiny commented Oct 10, 2019

After #254, we disabled:

because there was too much work in one PR.

This issue is to finish this PR, namely:

  • remove those two rules in .eslintrc.js
  • add function return types on all functions (most of them are React components, so React.ReactElement will do)
  • Remove
cahartin commented Aug 9, 2017

Within the forcing.log file, O3 forcing is the total forcing not from a reference (which is the first Hector time step ~ 1750). Therefore, the total forcing in the forcing.log file does not match the forcing in the outputstream. The forcing within the outputstream is calculated correctly. It just isn't apparent why there is a difference without exploring the source code.


vruijven commented Nov 5, 2018

It would be nice to have a handful of "standard" derived variables added to the database without the need to calculate them by hand. Initial candidates would be per capita values for final/primary energy (total), GDP, emissions, and intensities of energy/GDP, emissions/GDP, or emissions/energy. The Kaya decomposition indicators would be a good first step:

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