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machi1990 commented Jul 3, 2021


At the moment, the Redis clients does not support all the commands supported by recent versions of Redis: see quarkusio/quarkus#18351 for example.
However the backing vertx-redis-client provides a way to craft commands using .send(Request.Command) method.
See quarkusio/quarkus#18351 (comment) for example. We c

olix0r commented Apr 28, 2021

The proxy-metrics diagnostics include potentially private information (service names, pod names, etc).

It would be helpful if this command could support an --obfuscate flag that mangles metric label values like

  • authority
  • dst_service
  • dst_namespace
  • target_addr
  • server_id
  • client_id

Each of these values should be hashed so that values can be correlated but shou

kmova commented Apr 6, 2020

Local PV (device) provisioner leaves a stale BDC in the following case:

  • On PVC request, creates a BDC
  • If the system doesn't have a matching BD, then PVC request keeps retrying, and so does the NDM operator that keeps retrying
  • Now if the user deletes the PVC, then Local PV (device) provisioner doesn't get the trigger to process delete, as there was no PVC.

This causes the stale BDC

liuxiran commented Jul 27, 2021

Issue description


Bug report without environment information will be ignored or closed.

  • apisix version (cmd: apisix version): 2.7
  • OS (cmd: uname -a): Darwin Kernel Version 20.3.0
  • OpenResty / Nginx version (cmd: nginx -V or openresty -V): openresty/
  • etcd version, if have (cmd: run curl to get the info fro
wrannaman commented Mar 23, 2019

How are you planning on using kubeedge?

I've been looking for something like this for a long time (Currently our team uses Rancher although their product wasn't really meant for edge computing.) I'd love to hear how others in the community would like to use this so I can compile a list of use cases that kubeedge can support out of the box.



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