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Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is a piece of software which provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools that help users with little knowledge of programming languages create and manage website content.

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Wtoll commented Apr 20, 2020

If you use a shortcode in a content file in order to embed a read time estimation for that content file within itself, the estimation always comes back as 0. This is probably because the parser hasn't finished converting the document by the time it gets to the read time estimation so it can't actually get an estimate for it. This is supported by the fact that, when embedding a read time estimation

ErisDS commented Apr 20, 2020

When you're logged in as E.g. an author, the admin panel isn't good at telling you why you can't edit a post. I've found two specific cases - the /edit URL and search, but I think they are both very similar.

To Reproduce

Case 1: search

  1. In admin search for a post you can't edit
  2. See the post listed in the results
  3. Click on the post
  4. You are taken to the posts list with no
amrsalama commented Apr 24, 2020

Describe the bug
Find-one endpoint /resource/:id responses with 500 status code instead of 404, this happens with MongoDB setup.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Setup Strapi with MongoDB configuration.
  2. Create a collection (resource).
  3. Give findOne access to the public.
  4. Send a request to /resource-name/any-invalid-id.

Expected behavior
404 response.


dfinton commented Sep 4, 2019

Expected behavior

If someone wants to clear out the data for a DateTime field in the UI (i.e. set it to null), they should be able to delete the data in the inputs, click "save", and see that the DateTime is no longer set for that field within that document.

Actual/Current behavior

After clicking "Save" after clearing out the existing DateTime value, it appears that the field wa

agairing commented Apr 17, 2020

Describe the bug
If you use github as backend the following basic setup is required:

lennarddevries commented Mar 27, 2020

Issue Summary

While editing a page in IE11 I'm unable to add blocks to a StreamFields. Clicking the '+' button only triggers focus outline for the block above

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set up fresh bakerydemo instance
  2. Create a new blogpost instance
  3. Add a block through the + button

![ezgif com-video-to-gif](

benhaynes commented Nov 28, 2018

We already have most of our Directus API 2.x endpoints/params within Paw for testing. We could finish adding all of these and then potentially use their code generators to create SDKs for our secondary languages.

We also have a Swagger file for 98% of API 1.1 — so we could update that (and make sure that OpenAPI allows for our filteri

Klemart3D commented Apr 30, 2020

Describe the bug

On product page in FO, "Product Details" tab is visible and empty even if there is no data to display.

Expected behavior

No "Product Details" tab if there is no data to display. And no white block if there is no Description too.

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Remove brand, reference and features in a product (e.g. "Mug Today
nilslice commented Nov 27, 2019

there was an issue discussed in the #ponzu slack channel where knowing the order in which content type's item.Hookable methods are executed may have helped a lot. this helps users determine the state of the database and what is available at what time.

documentation would be great to mention this order (note the hook invocations):

JOduMonT commented Nov 7, 2019


I hope it's a feature request and not a bug report
I try to apply design.background but at the item level
and the code won't let me add more than one [design.background]

this is work

widget = "slider"
weight = 11
  title = "Left"
  content = "I am left aligned :smile:"
    gradient_start = "#0000F9"
    gradient_end = "#86007D"
beasteers commented Apr 16, 2020

I like Cockpit for a lot of reasons, but one of the issues for me has always been insufficient API docs.

(Update: I misread the docs a bit and there is more information than I had previously thought. the API docs have more info than they did when we first started with cockpit which got me turned around.)

The current docs are still lacking more comprehensive examples of request schemas and it

AndreiD commented May 28, 2019

So I heard some company is using this so I come to take a look.
You have nice stars on github....mmm ok, let's see "Get Started"

the first thing that you do is copy paste the main.go file
and that file has


unused import! so from the start the compiler will complain.

removing it gives

2019/05/28 11:27:16 http: panic serving [::1]:43480: runtime error: in
Piedone commented Apr 13, 2020

ImageTagHelper in the Media module provides an asset-src attribute for img tags to easily generate images with proper URL. We could have the same for the a tag too, so links can be easily generated too.

Since this just needs another HtmlTargetElement on the class, maybe a good first issue?

anketwokings commented Feb 6, 2018

How to recreate

  • Preview a page that has content stored in contentblocks.

  • When previewing a page that has content stored in contentblocks, the contentblocks do not show.

Expected behaviour

The contentblocks showing exactly as they do on the saved webpage


With strict_variables: true, the error that is given is

Key "block" for array with keys "textsection" do
sshcli commented Nov 2, 2019

Steps to reproduce the issue

Choose a logo in Backend->Extensions->Templates->Styles->Protostar->Advanced->Logo

Expected result

When you choose a logo in Backend->Extensions->Templates->Styles->Protostar->Advanced->Logo you should be able to specify the dimensions

Actual result

When you choose a logo in Backend->Extensions->Templates->Styles->Protostar->Advanced->Logo there

abea commented Sep 26, 2019

With apos-workflow enabled, the page reorganize modal's Trash rows (when you expand pages with children) isn't aligned to be clear about the relationship. If the Trash row is part of the "Service" page context (in the screenshot), it probably should be aligned with that page's children, possibly shaded red as the "true" trash at the bottom.


Pixney-William commented Sep 2, 2019

So i was working on an ajax contact form for a module i have. And i have been googling to try to solve it but i ended up just working with native Laravel functionality instead. I think we would need documentation regarding this if it doesn't exist:

  1. Create an addon/module with migration (basic fields for a contact form, name, email)
  2. How to use a formbuilder to render the form in html incl
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