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nydame commented Jul 3, 2019

Jess, a member of Open Oakland pointed out that people who cannot distinguish red and green may have trouble with the colors we've chosen. There may be lots of other issues that we aren't even aware of. This audit should be easy to do with the accessibility tab in Firefox (and Chrome?).

Deliverable: instead of a pull request, submit a report in our wiki.

jmartini commented Apr 22, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Add some humor into the food truck response

Describe the solution you'd like

User Alexa, ask Boston Info if there are any food trucks in the Financial District?
Alexa There are at least 3 food trucks, within a mile from that area, open from 11 AM to 3 PM. At Financial District, you will find: Taco Party, Bim

LA Family Housing, an LA-based non-profit working to end the homelessness crisis, engaged the help of Hack for LA to identify and design a more efficient & effective solution for matching multiple individuals who experience homelessness as potential co-tenants, and placing the matched individuals in suitable shared housing units.

  • Updated Jul 31, 2020
  • JavaScript
Chris-Boe commented Oct 9, 2020

What will this feature provide?
More easily test workflows with JOIN STAFF users

Proposed Solution
If you have an idea on how to implement this feature, please share!
edit the file to add the users

Acceptance Criteria
Please list the requirements the implementation of this feature should meet.

  • Should add 3 users of JOIN STAFF role level


wdoug commented Jul 9, 2019


Flowdock is not used anymore and places where this is referenced should be changed to something relevant


  • Change the text to "Discord"
  • Either:
    • Tweak database table name to be more generic: workspaceChatUserName e.g.
    • Add new database column for Discord specifically and consider Flowdock to be archived
  • Evaluate existing content and tweak/remove based
KM-Hanson commented Sep 12, 2020

We have improved translation information, and now need to update our translation files.

(1) find the JSON files:


(2) Update the text within the JSON files using translations in this Google sheet

If you are having issues accessin

jafow commented Sep 12, 2020


We need to be able to take data from airtable or raw csv and import it into a database.
This should be able to be run regularly with minimal manual intervention, even automated!

acceptance criteria

  1. we can take 1 or more correctly formatted files from air table and load them into a format the application can return
  2. the script can be run often by more than one person an

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