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nedvedikd commented Apr 6, 2020


I'm using pandoc (version to convert documents to dokuwiki format.
I ran into a problem using this command:

pandoc input.html -f html -t dokuwiki -o output_dokuwiki.txt --preserve-tabs




**bold** //italic// underline

Expected output:

hason commented Jun 6, 2019

I want to use ReLaXed with remote chromium to reduce docker image size. It is posible with browser options --remote-debugging-address and --remote-debugging-port ( It would be great add CLI options for puppeteer (especialy for args option).

luisapace commented Feb 13, 2019

Hi, my team would like to use the package showdown_1.9.0 and to approve that I've to verify all its licenses (included those of all of the modules included), and to do that I've to analyze its source code.

Now I've noted that the Readme declares it under GPL V2, while the license.txt is BSD.

Could you please clarify what is the license of showdown_1.9.0?


laserkelvin commented Jun 15, 2019

For the brave or foolish (me) who want to run decktape in an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS subsystem via WSL on Windows 10, I've discovered that you can't without installing some missing libraries that are not normally included in the Ubuntu image. Everything can be installed via apt install, and I thought I'd share them in case someone might benefit from this information in the FAQs.

Brief description of

snnsnn commented Jun 30, 2019 gives following malware alert because of commented out fopen function in redux_helpers.php: 660.

Malware : Operations on file system fopen was found in the file class.redux_helpers.php 657: //$fp = fopen( $file, 'r' );fread was found in the file class.redux_helpers.php 660: //$file_data = fread( $fp, 8192 );fclose was found in the file class.redux_helpers.php 66
headius commented Aug 18, 2019

When a compiled script is run from $PATH it appears to be unable to locate its own file path.

An example with the JRuby bash launcher:

[] ~/projects/jruby $ bin/jruby.bash -e 'puts ENV_JAVA["jruby.home"]'

[] ~/projects/jruby $ jruby.bash -e 'puts ENV_JAVA["jruby.home"]'

[] ~/projects/jruby $ shc -f bin/jruby.bash -o bin
MikeRalphson commented Jan 19, 2019
  • Guidance on adding a linter new rule-action (if none of the existing ones can perform the action, or be extended)
  • Expand on guidelines re: keeping commits to logical areas of the code / individual packages where possible
  • Use of conventional-commit standard going forward
  • Advice not to include any package-lock.json changes PRs, for security reasons. File will be regene
wulxGH commented Feb 3, 2018

Slight trouble when using excel2latex:

Mac Excel 2016
I downloaded the version 3.5.0 program from to some random folder and then installed it. It worked pretty well until I moved the file to another folder. Then when I tried to use it again, it says "...can't be found". I added the new file location to Tools->Excel Add-ins, but then it says " alrea

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