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CSSEGISandData commented Mar 22, 2020

We will update the time series tables in the following days, aiming to provide a cleaner and more organized dataset consistent with our new/current naming convention. We will also be reporting a new variable (i.e, testing), as well as data at the county level for the US. All files will continue to be updated daily around 11:59PM UTC.

The followiing specific changes will be made:

  • Three new
gribok commented Mar 24, 2020

Add CONTRIBUTION guideline for improved collaboration in the open source project. It enables a self-onboarding concept for developers.

Suggestion to cover some topics for version 0.1:

  1. Coding Style (PEP8) in idiomic python way
  2. Testcases for every change
  3. Use issue tracker to find open enhancement with a badge
  4. Use PR to publish changes
ivan-aksamentov commented Mar 22, 2020

As we rely on social media to increase the outreach, it would be nice to:

  • double check title tag and favicons for different devices (see static/ directory)
  • add social media meta tags for common western social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Google
  • add social media meta tags for common social media in asian-pacific region (I am not familiar with these unfortunately)

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