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metalsp0rk commented Apr 4, 2021

Describe the bug
Tags are not showing for the last entry in ticker, when scrolling is applicable.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. launch with --show-tags
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. Observe that the last entry does not show the tags.

Expected behavior
The interface will allow you to scroll down to the very bottom.


dsiganos commented Oct 22, 2021

The instructions and infrastructure for building on windows are not very good. It takes too long and there are too many manual steps and too much ambiguity and it takes too long between each manual step. We need to do better. I followed the instructions at build options on I did not try to follow the steps taken by the CI build which maybe would been better because at least there would b

WenceslaoGrillo commented May 29, 2020

Some suggestions to make it easier to run the backend without the front end. Some of these suggestions might be *ix only:

  • a command line parameter to indicate that the back end should start with everything that is pending without waiting for a front end to be available in the browser.
  • some instruction to make it work as a daemon (Linux) or service (Windows) to gain independence from the te
furszy commented Mar 5, 2020

Our current JSON-RPC wiki is outdated.

A lot of commands were changed, new commands were added and some were removed.
Some description might need to be rewritten in a more comprehensible way.

This is a good first issue for anyone who wants to start familiarizing with the PIVX sources.

0xAshish commented Feb 25, 2020

This bounty is to improve test coverage on the Matic contracts repo. The repo contains the following contracts:

For an overview of

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