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Data visualization is the visual depiction of data through the use of graphs, plots, and informational graphics. Its practitioners use statistics and data science to convey the meaning behind data in ethical and accurate ways.

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goatchurchprime commented Oct 30, 2018

I don't think this is a duplicate ticket, even though it's quite an obvious feature after that cat demo at SciPy2018.

The code that selects and renders the different geos is here in the THREE.js code

I don't know quite where/how to inject the mesh definition compatible with the data file of this form, but i

IvoAlexander commented Apr 18, 2018

Hello Felix,

apologies if i am not following proper rules - this is the second time I use GitHub and my second post.
I try to use TiddlyMap and FontAwesome in the newest versions and for some reason the icons are not working in the map. Here is what I did:

  1. Downloaded the current TiddlyWiki from here:
  2. dragged the plugin from here

Created by Charles Joseph Minard

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