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Mohammer5 commented Aug 21, 2019

Through out the existence of ui-core and ui-widgets there's always been a question what should go into which library exactly.

I think we decided on:

  • "dumb" components go into ui-core
  • "smart" components go into ui-widgets

@HendrikThePendric and I were talking about file input components and we agreed that we need two different components:

  1. One that is being used for simple fi
MGlauer commented Oct 11, 2019

As @Bachibouzouk pointed out: Information regarding OEP-metadata is scattered across this organisation. We need to clean this up and here is my proposal:

OMI would be a good place for metadata in general (I think we had a recent discussion regarding that!?). BUT: Specification, documentation and implementation are three different t

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