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DIYgod commented Sep 11, 2019

What feature is it?

Sync English and multilingual website in Chinese docs to English docs

What problem does this feature solve?

Make English docs better

Additional description

After docs sync, some routes need to be transformed to be suitable for English user

skylord123 commented Sep 2, 2019

When I edit comments from the admin UI it removes all newlines that were in the comment before I modified it. It's strange because you will save it and it will show the newlines but once you refresh it will show the same comment with them removed.

Admin editor should match the same functionality as the client side one.

As a work-around you have to convert all newlines to <br /> and it wil

marvindanig commented Oct 17, 2019

I'm trying to set up a static documentation site for one of my projects. Here's where I'm failing:

> gatsby build

success open and validate gatsby-configs - 0.061s
success load plugins - 1.688s
success onPreInit - 0.010s
success delete html and css files from previous builds - 0.017s
success initialize cache - 0.007s
success copy ga
wbolster commented Dec 19, 2016

right now the only api is the copy-as-format function which inspects the prefix argument and relies on the region being active.

it would be nice to have a public function that would take two positions (begin and end) and a format argument (string, t to prompt for format, nil for default format) that would copy the text in between those two positions using the specified format.


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