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opticyclic commented Sep 11, 2019

Currently there seem to be 3 options for testing Corda:

  1. MockNetwork
  2. Driver DSL
  3. Manually start a network then run tests

The MockNetwork is useful for testing flows but it doesn't implement an RPC interface so you can't use it in your Spring REST API tests.

The Driver DSL has an RPC interface but all the work appears to have to be done in the dsl closure which means you can't get

leo-da commented Dec 3, 2019

In most of the cases com.digitalasset.http.PackageService is the one that needs to handle large messages:

[] ERROR com.digitalasset.http.HttpService$ - Cannot start se
io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED: gRPC message exceeds maximum size 4194304: 4319876
        at io.grpc.Status.asRuntimeException(
whynick1 commented Jul 8, 2019

We should agree and document on naming convention of metrics before proceeding further.

I think using a class name as a part of a metric name is expressively long and not so useful for monitoring. I'd rather have names like "waltz-server" and "waltz-storage" as top level names. We can map these to domain names in JMX. The second level may be "partition-", which may be mapped to a t

caesarchad commented Jul 29, 2019

This the master issue.
We can trace the overall working progress on this task.

No Folder Package Description Assignee
1 buffett_stable buffett-benchbot Change version from v0.1.0 to 1.1.1, add comments, correct typos Cara
2 buffett_stable buffett-budget Change version from v0.1.0 to 1.1.1, add comments, correct typos Ca
dselman commented Jun 21, 2017

I'd like to use the vehicle lifecycle sample to demonstration an integration scenario that seems to fit well with the Insurer participant. This participant, and other aspects of insurance are not currently modelled/implemented in the sample. This issue covers extending the models and network code to support the Insurer. I'm proposing the provision of an application for the insurer be covered by

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