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tfenne commented Sep 17, 2019

Documentation request

Tool(s) or class(es) involved



I'm trying to get a pipeline running to call germline CNVs on small cohorts (20-40) PCR free whole genome samples sequenced to ~45X depth. I'm running into problems figuring out how wide to scatter the analysis, and how to allocate resources.

It would be incredibly helpful to have some very cl

josiahseaman commented Oct 8, 2019

Currently, TileLayout has a set of four containers that all need to be synchronized because they contain different pieces of the same puzzle.

Refactor: Put all synchronized pieces into a single DataSource Object so that mouseover, chunks, download links, layout, and contig spacing can all be coordinated.

1001 Genomes: This will allow me to use MSA code in a Pangenome coordinate frame wit

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