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maoschanz commented Nov 29, 2019


no keyboard navigation between tabs

Suggested solution

implement 2 methods connected to 2 Gio.SimpleAction (named tab_left and tab_right in the code )

then, add them to the menubar, add their kb shortcuts to the shortcuts dialog

the actions could also be triggered by some kind of lateral sweeping t

Cipollino commented Apr 2, 2016

Dear DarwinNE, I have reveled an incongruence from instrution manual in italian language and the print option in the FidoCADj v0.24.6 gamma.

In italian manual for v.0.24, in the cap. 2.3 I Layer, is letterally reported:
""Il nome ed il colore di ogni layer si può specificare attraverso il menu “Vista/Layer”. Dallo stesso menù si può decidere se disegnare o meno un certo layer a schermo, oppure in

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