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🍦 Powerful software development experience and management. Enhancing @tc39 JS, @denoland and @nodejs, because we need a bit of magic. You can think of it as Cargo for the JavaScript ecosystem.

  • Updated Jun 14, 2021
  • JavaScript
bearbin commented Sep 21, 2018
emit auctionDidEnd(winner: highestBidder, bid: highestBid.getRawValue())

This fails to compile as isInEmit is set for all the elements in the emit statement, rather than just the name of the event to call. Therefore getRawValue does not get correctly matched to the function call, because matching function calls is disabled inside emits.

We should remove this check and instead add a

🔥 A lightweight flexible development framework for complex business architecture with full ecosystem!轻量级业务中台开发框架,中台架构的顶层设计和完整解决方案!

  • Updated Dec 5, 2020
  • Java
alexellis commented Jan 14, 2019


  • Update invokefunction to return the response headers
  • Update the caller function named Invoke to return the body, statusCode and errors
  • Update example to print statusCode and body

Suggested by Simon Pezcler and Rishabh Gupta so that connectors can do better debug and potentially use the result for something.

Right now the result is abandoned.

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