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eshellman commented Oct 14, 2020

We've now gotten a fair number of "cheatsheet" entries in the books list. I'd like to propose that we move these to a separate page.


  1. Will be easier to find cheatsheets
  2. Cheatsheets aren't books
  3. Cheat sheets aren't so spoken-language specific.
  4. The english-language books page is getting long.
  5. Will encourage better cheatsheet coverage.


  1. Scope creep.
fernandobperezm commented Oct 18, 2020

Describe your change:

Added a solution to Project Euler Problem 203 "Squarefree Binomial Coefficients" Link.

The solution is based on three main pilars.

  1. Calculate the unique coefficients of a Pascal's Triangle of depth d .
  2. Calculate the prime numbers between 2 and the maximum coefficient Cmax using a variant of the Sieve of Eratos
lm-n commented Jun 18, 2020

Most appropriate sub-area of p5.js?

  • Color
  • Core/Environment/Rendering
  • Data
  • Dom
  • Events
  • Image
  • IO
  • Math
  • Typography
  • Utilities
  • WebGL
  • Other (specify if possible)

Feature enhancement details:

Currently, several DOM examples are not executed in the reference. It is always helpful to have the example code exec


  • Updated Jun 24, 2020

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