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1ndeed commented Jan 16, 2022

目前UOS绕过Web限制方法已经无效,网页版微信应该不会再有留给 UOS 的任何后门。现在要想使用efb-wechat-slave必须能够正常登陆微信网页版,但拥有web权限的人少之又少,UOS方法失效后,无法使用efb-wechat-slave的人只会越来越多。

而隔壁微信聊天机器人项目wechaty支持多Puppet/Client,其中包括Web, Windows, iPad,大部分为付费200元/月,仅个人efb用途的话肯定不会去掏这个价钱。但因为Windows Hook目前已有人破解,项目开源,已经出现了像puppet-xp这样的免费puppet。此Windows Hook方法可以成为efb-wechat-slave额外的、新的上游。


QQ-War commented Oct 21, 2021

I set the flag to send to last chat by default. after 5 month use, the size of tgdata.db reach to 19M.

now, telegram can receive message from wechat, no problem. but if I sent message, which only arrive to the server running ehforwarderbot, and it will not send to wechat.

if I run this bot by ehforwarderbot -v, there will be no error log. only you can see, after telegram master get the mess

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