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muhammadkholidb commented Oct 1, 2019

Package version eg. v8, v9:


Issue, Question or Enhancement:

Is it possible to use oneof validation with values containing space character? Tried with single quote but it did not seem to work.

Code sample, to showcase or reproduce:

type Data struct {
    Status string `json:"status" validate:"required,oneof='Awaiting Verification' 'Verified' 'Failed Veri
morningvera commented Feb 18, 2020

For completion, we should offer an As method like the one in Go 1.13 errors ( We should try to make this more reliable than Go's version by preventing panics: "As will panic if target is not a non-nil pointer to either a type that implements error, or to any interface type." Seems like we could just return false in these cases instead.

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