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saulgreenberg commented Aug 26, 2019

The documentation says Reconyx is supported, but this particular model is not.
A description of the tags used by this camera (which is increasingly popular for camera trapping) is available at:
An example image is included.


HarelM commented Jun 24, 2018

First and foremost, thanks for this great library!
While I think the code is generally written well, I saw that in order to use this library I need to read it after reading the documentation as I didn't find what I was looking for in the documentation.
Furthermore, intellisense is not available and this too would be extremely helpful.
DefinitelyTyped is a project that is used to create int

matti777 commented Mar 6, 2019

Hi, as the library is not all straightforward, (nor do I understand EXIF that well), I'd love to see some documentation / examples on how to write tag values -- more specifically, in my case, how to write the "Date and Time" tag of an photo. My photos might lack the whole EXIF data entirely as they are somewhat old.

Kudos for making this library. Was surprised to find so little in the way of EX

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