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ThinkPadNL commented Jan 5, 2020

Is it possible to create a button in the rules overview with which we can duplicate rules?
It requires quite some clicking to setup a rule, this would save time as i need a few quite similar rules setup.

A good place for the duplicate button would be between the 'edit' pencil and the delete button.

thunoldolsen commented Dec 10, 2018

Please, submit only real issues. Use the forum for support, feature requests, proposals, new versions, help etc.

Steps to reproduce the issue

When viewing reports i norwegian language, the months are shown with english language. I can either see them as a translation strings in crowdin.

Expected result

Norwegian translated months in reports


evereq commented Sep 24, 2019

Current Implementation

  • in Local Dev env (Docker Compose) we are using nginx reverse proxy only (simple enough)
  • in Dev env we are not using any proxy at the moment
  • in Demo env we are using Fargate + ALB in AWS (DB will be reset to initial state every night)
  • in Prod env we are going to use AWS EKS (k8s)

Because we want to keep each tenant infra fully isolated (separate serverles

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