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Rutam21 commented Jun 12, 2022

Is there an existing integration?

  • I have searched the existing integrations.

Use Case

A Crime Forecasting Model would solve the following issues.

  • Make crime-solving techniques more efficient
  • Predict Crime patterns in a specific territory
  • Help detectives to predict the nature of the Crime and a Probable Culprit
  • Extract valuable information from raw data gathered b
enhancement help wanted good first issue accepted
nushib commented Jun 2, 2021

Suggested by Melanie Fernandez Pradier:

“Given a model trained on certain features, is there any way I can include additional features (not used in training) but that I want to monitor in the error analysis?"

This is currently possible by enriching the set of input features to the dashboard after the inference step. However, will need further support on the UI side to clearly mark features t

documentation enhancement good first issue Error Analysis
AymenBenk commented Jun 29, 2021

`import numpy as np
import aspect_based_sentiment_analysis as absa
from aspect_based_sentiment_analysis import alignment
from aspect_based_sentiment_analysis import Example

text = "I love mascara"
aspects = ['mascara']

recognizer = absa.aux_models.BasicPatternRecognizer()
nlp = absa.load(pattern_recognizer=recognizer)
task = nlp(text=text, aspects=aspects)
slack = task.examples


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Nehagupta90 commented Jan 24, 2022

Good day everyone

I am using the output variable of my data (isKilled= yes/no) as a protected variable and “yes” as a priviliged value. But every time I run the code, I just get a few metrics calculated and get the output as shown at the end.

Metric calculation : 2/12 metrics calculated for all models ( 10 NA created )

I used the following code, so could you please suggest where is the

minor bug 😞 good first issue

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