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rnkhouse commented Oct 23, 2019

Bug description
I followed the guide from this link ( and using Enable via Helm Option Globally method to use readiness probe in my application. sidecarInjectorWebhook.rewriteAppHTTPProbe=true has been set in global config.


        path: /healthz
        port: 3000
disconnect3d commented Oct 29, 2019

Krfctl should be able to:

  • list available profiles that can be passed to krfctl -P <profile>.
  • describe profiles, i.e., tell that mm stands for memory management syscalls and what syscalls are included.
  • maybe also have a descriptive describe profile mode where also the possible faults are listed? Though I am not sure if this is that useful as this can be grabbed directly from syscalls y
stevehu commented Oct 4, 2018

When I execute

kubectl apply -f samples/apigee/definitions

I got the following error.

customresourcedefinition. "" created
customresourcedefinition. "" created "apigee" created
error: unable to recognize "samples/apigee/definitions.yaml": no matches for kind "analytics" in version "config.istio

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