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Evidlo commented Sep 28, 2019

As of update 1.8, the .rm files are in a new format.

It lookes like instead of each file being indexed by the page number, the pages are now assigned a random UUID.

[root@remarkable 6b96d778-b6f5-458e-9b7d-649689706f37] ls
pedro-javierf commented Jan 9, 2021

Describe the bug
Method Decompress() at does this:

public static byte[] Decompress(byte[] Data, int _start_ModuleParamsOffset)
		if (IOUtil.ReadU32LE(Data, _start_ModuleParamsOffset + 0x14) == 0) 
			return Data;//Not Compressed!
		byte[] Result = CRT0.MIi_UncompressBackward(Data);
		IOUtil.WriteU32LE(Result, _start_ModuleParamsOffset + 0x14, 0); //sets 4 byt

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