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wynn4 commented Oct 14, 2017

For multirotor research platforms that are likely heavy and slow, there seems to be a problem with how the current mixer handles saturation. In the plot below of the raw motor outputs, the copter was hovering pitched slightly into the wind (5 mph) and a strong yaw command was given via RC. This lead to motor 3 saturating and the other motors going to zero (crash). This was a 450 size platform w

lustertone commented Sep 20, 2019

The Talon F7 v2 board put out by Heli-Nation was updated to add the use of RPM filtering in BF 4.x+ and as a result it created issues with motor resource mapping for motor 4 which renders motor 4 non-functional in the CLRacingF7 target that it uses. There was initially a CLI fix made available for correcting the issue and a permanent fix was added to BF 4.0.3+ code. The fix does not work with BF3.

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