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F# (pronounced "F sharp") is a cross-platform, open source, functional programming language for .NET. It also includes object-oriented and imperative programming.

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Vaccano commented Oct 9, 2019

This page states

> You specify additional feeds by creating your own nuget.config file in the project directory. You also specify additional feeds per invocation at a command prompt.

But in the -s documentation it states:

> This setting overrides all of the sources specified in the nuget.config files

The first makes it sound like it will add another feed when supplied at the command l

vsfeedback commented Feb 26, 2019

VSF_TYPE_MARKDOWNAccessing help using F1 is poor when using F#. Sometimes it works but for types such as Result (Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Result) it doesn't work. Other examples include:

'match' keyword
'with' keyword

Yet oddly other keywords like 'function' does go to a page with info about keywords even if not specifically the 'function' keyword.

_This issue has b

imback82 commented Mar 19, 2019

We create multiple jars during our builds to accommodate multiple versions of Apache Spark. In the current approach, the implementation is copied from one version to another and then necessary changes are made.

An ideal approach could create a common directory and extract common classes from duplicate code. Note that even if class/code is exactly the same, you cannot pull out to a common clas

flotrek commented Sep 26, 2019

I'm trying to gracefully exit the webServer with a GET or POST to the the webServer itself.

Is there a way to execute code after a HTTP response has been given to the client to help me do that properly ?

Is there a nicer way to handle shutting down suave server from a CD pipeline ?

let app = 
    choose [
        path "/gracefulExit" >=> 
            request(fun r -> 
kurtschelfthout commented Jan 9, 2018

As noted in #420 we have about a handful of configuration types that have slightly different property names.

As much as possible we should limit the number of different configuration types. At least make all the names the same to avoid confusion.

Also, the basic Config type should become a POCO mutable type - that mea

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