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Git is the most widely used version control system, which allows for the tracking and managing of source code over time. It was designed for collaboration and built to be flexible, secure and efficient.

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0x326 commented Jun 27, 2022

Would it be possible for bat to read from the hidden_file_extensions property of .sublime-syntax files in addition to the file_extension property? For some projects, file types are have a different extension than usual, such as XML in C# and VB.NET projects (.csproj and .vbproj are written in XML syntax). These less common extensions seem to be already listed in some .sublime-syntax f

feature-request good first issue
reynir commented Jul 23, 2022


Cloning a repository with a double slash fails:

$ git clone
Cloning into 'new-website'...
remote: Not found.
fatal: repository '' not found

Gitea Version


Can you reproduce the bug on the Gitea demo site?


Log Gist

No response


kind/bug reviewed/confirmed good first issue
lf- commented Jul 20, 2022

Describe the feature or problem you’d like to solve

There's a case of extremely confusing overloading of arguments: the old gist gem/command line tool used to interpret -p as private, whereas gh gist create -p means public. I am not asking that this be changed, merely giving context.

Since it's easy to shoot yourself in the foot by muscle memory, it would be ideal if the CLI said w

enhancement help wanted good first issue
megatree commented Jul 20, 2022

What happened?

I collapsed the RECENT folder and FAVORITE folder, then I toggle the left sidebar, the RECENT folder expanded. On the contrary, the FAVORITES folder is still collapsed.

I think one of them must be wrong.

Reproduce the Bug

  1. collapsed recent folder
  2. toggle left sidebar

Expected Behavior

if i collapsed the folder, then it should be collapsed after i toggle

:type/enhancement good first issue left-sidebar
michael-proulx commented Mar 28, 2022

Describe the bug
I have setup i18n in a single_file, need to test some feature, but I'll need a specific setup, but I encounter an issue while testing that.
Folder collection does work very good, but when I'm trying to save a single_file, I got the following error.

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'get')


good first issue area: i18n type: bug
donokuda commented Jul 6, 2017

From desktop/desktop#2160 (comment)

It's be nice if we could expose a drop down that allows users to start from a template. I'm thinking having that description there is not necessary; putting the description behind a tooltip should allow people who want/need to know what a gitignore file is to see it while allowing us to use that space for showing the f

enhancement design-input-needed good first issue
timsehn commented Aug 4, 2022

The dolt logo is inspired by a commit hash d01t.

It would be cool if we had an option to have a dolt initial commit be rerolled until the first four characters matched the following pattern:

  1. d, o l, t in order
  2. any uppercase or lowercase d, o, l, t
  3. 0 or 1 can replace l or t

I think this should be a hidden option not in the docs.

good first issue feature