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sfarazkazmi commented Jun 16, 2021

Describe the bug
When using parse-tree command, error information in printed twice with slightly different text.

To Reproduce
Please supply:

var status = ['ACTIVE']

NOTE: Please be sure that the templates, rules and logs you provide as part of your bug report do not contain any sensitive information.

Expected behavior
There should be one error log instead of dupli

furszy commented Mar 5, 2020

Our current JSON-RPC wiki is outdated.

A lot of commands were changed, new commands were added and some were removed.
Some description might need to be rewritten in a more comprehensible way.

This is a good first issue for anyone who wants to start familiarizing with the PIVX sources.

davidradl commented Nov 17, 2021

Is there an existing issue for this?

  • I have searched the existing issues

Current Behavior

A large amount of output goes to the log, this should not happen by default.

Expected Behavior

much less content in the output of the FVT and the build bu default

Switch on debug in the logging configuration and then see all the output.

Steps To Reproduce

run the build


rezoan commented Jul 14, 2021

In my ubuntu, i have python 2.7.18 and pip3 20.0.2.
I was trying to install prancer-basic via pip3 install prancer-basic
It get installed successfully with below warning:

WARNING: The scripts populate_json, prancer, register_key_in_azure_vault, terraform_to_json and validator are installed in '/home/r4redu/.local/bin' which is not on PATH.
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