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eodero commented May 1, 2022

Fixes #2916

What changes did you make and why did you make them ?

-changed the double quotes around the links back to single quotes per H4LA standards.

Screenshots of Proposed Changes Of The Website (if any, please do not screen shot code changes)

good first issue role: front end role: back end/devOps Status: Updated
EchoProject commented Feb 25, 2022


We need to update the v2 contact us form to match the fields from the v1 contact us form so that the messages are captured by our tracker.

Action Items

  • {Developer to expand}
  • Add helper text to each field


v1 -

fancyham commented Apr 24, 2022


Can we change the GPS button tooltip (on the map/organization view) from ‘re-center’ to ’show your current location’ (Google calls it “show your location”, Apple uses “show your current location”). This would be a better description than ‘re-center’.

currently, ‘re-center’ could be confused with the text field to the button’s left, making it sound like we’re re-centering on that a

good first issue Role: Design UI/UX Role: Front-end Feature: Usability
Hanastevenson commented Aug 30, 2021


Provide collateral for the HackforLA website

Action Items

  • Gather items
    • 600 x 400 image
      • Alt image text
    • 1500 x 700 hero image (please do not put project title on hero image)
      • Alt image text
    • Name of project
    • A blurb about your project
    • Links (github, slack channel url, Testing Site, Live Site, etc.)
documentation good first issue question feature: project profile card

LA Family Housing, an LA-based non-profit working to end the homelessness crisis, engaged the help of Hack for LA to identify and design a more efficient & effective solution for matching multiple individuals who experience homelessness as potential co-tenants, and placing the matched individuals in suitable shared housing units.

  • Updated Mar 15, 2022
  • JavaScript
ExperimentsInHonesty commented Apr 29, 2022


We need to keep the website up to date on Lucky Parking project info, so that we can effectively recruit new team members.

Action Items

  • Review all the content on the website to see if it is up to date
  • if not up to date open issue
  • if meeting times are not up to date, open issue on vrms


  • Lucky Parking page on h
staceyrebekahscott commented Mar 9, 2022


Leverage Karen’s experience and expertise from her work with

Action Items

  • Who is on their board?
  • How do they select board members/ advisors?
  • What is her role and how does she contribute to the organization?
  • What is her commitment (how many hours /week)?

Ask if she can facilitate a meeting with the exec

good first issue product management role: UI/UX research
WCRest commented Jan 28, 2017

We're using console.log calls to debug server-side code. These calls should be made via a logging system that allows the developer to specify the log level (debug, error, warn, log, etc). We should be able to specify to our app via a config file which levels to output and where to stream output (file, stdout, etc)

chore Good First Issue
MMitsuyasu commented Mar 26, 2020

This is somewhat dependent on determining the brand tone (see Issue #102).

So far our list of emails to draft is as follows:

Candidate Invitations:

  • Initial Contact
  • Invitation Follow-up
  • Last Chance to Participate

Recording Responses:

  • Thank You for Recording
  • Notification of Opponent Participation

Please see the relevant file in the “[Email Templ

good first issue help wanted Effort-medium
entrotech commented Dec 8, 2021


Decide on reasonable horizontal alignment of visual elements on the Target Points Page of the wwizard and make changes to implement, including labels, numers and units (where applicable

Action Items

  • Decide on how each element should be aligned
  • Implement in code.



enhancement good first issue role: front-end level: easy
lrchang2 commented Dec 29, 2021


recruit writer


We need to develop copy for the origin story of the project to share with users on the website in order for them to better understand the project's purpose.

Additional Information

First round of usability testing showed that users didn't connect well with the purpose of the project and wanted to know more about how it got developed. Story

good first issue dependency size: 1 pt feature: content
theswerd commented Feb 22, 2020


Meeting time is currently 2PM Saturdays, however Yamato and Henry Marks cannot make it.

Action Items

  • Discuss new meeting times and come to consensus about team availability
  • Slack Bonnie to get her weekend availability

Please comment progress on this issue

Good First Issue Hold
Aveline-art commented Mar 9, 2022


As a developer we need to keep our codebase clean by keeping a one file per component rule. For this issue we will separate out our cards into different files so that they are easier to find.

Action Items

  • Find the components in the specified file below.
  • Split the components into different files, both js and scss, named after the components
  • Make sure that the
good first issue role: frontend size: 1pt feature: design system
rfambro2 commented Nov 8, 2020


Each project needs to setup a 1Password account

Action Items

  • Go to 1Password website and set up a password
  • Invite team members to 1Password
  • Store your team email account's password here for everyone's access
  • Save your MasterKey in the case of a password emergency



ExperimentsInHonesty commented Mar 17, 2020


We need to have a working READme file or WIKI to easily on-board new team members.

Action Items

  • Add the following information as a comments to this issue:
    • Identify what information needs to be collected.
    • Identify who holds each piece of information.
    • Collect information.


[Current Readme](

documentation good first issue help wanted question

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