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Lib.Web.Mvc is a library which contains some helper classes for ASP.NET MVC such as strongly typed jqGrid helper, attribute and helper providing support for HTTP/2 Server Push with Cache Digest, attribute and helpers providing support for Content Security Policy Level 2, FileResult providing support for Range Requests, action result and helper providing support for XSL transformation and more.

  • Updated Mar 22, 2022
  • C#

Alpine Linux image with nginx 1.21.6 (mainline) with HTTP/3 (quiche), TLSv1.3, 0-RTT, HPACK, brotli, NJS, Cookie-Flag support, ModSecurity with coreruleset and BoringSSL with OCSP support. All built on the bleeding edge. Total size is only about ~14 MB compressed.

  • Updated May 9, 2022
  • Dockerfile
DorsetDigital commented Jun 29, 2021

In the themedCSS() and themedJavascript() methods, when a file is not present, an InvalidArgumentException is thrown.
There's a missing 'use' statement in the custom backend class, which means that when this happens, a not found error is thrown instead of the expected method:

'[Emergency] Uncaught Error: Class 'DorsetDigital\EnhancedRequirements\View\InvalidArgumentException' not fou

bug good first issue

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