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eldy commented Jun 27, 2022

Feature Request

Add a combo to select possible value of this hidden option THEME_DARKMODEENABLED
0=No dark mode theme
1=Dark mode used according to system setup
2=Always use the dark mode of theme

Use case

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Suggested implementation

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Suggested steps

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Feature request hacktoberfest good first issue

Cashierstream is a simple Spark alternative written for Laravel Jetstream, with the super-power of tracking plan quotas, like seats or projects number on a per-plan basis

  • Updated Nov 8, 2021
  • PHP

I have customized the code of Adrian to find 4 points of document or rectangle dynamically. Here i have added findLargestCountours and convert_object, where convert_object is our driver method which actually doing image processing and getting all 4 point rectangles from image. After getting all 4 point rectangle list findLargestCountours method finding largest countour in list.

  • Updated Dec 19, 2017
  • Python
developeregrem commented Nov 1, 2019

At the moment no events will be logged.
Events must be logged and written to the DB. The entity Log shall be used for this.

In another ticket these events will be displayed in the web page and can be reviewed by the admin user.

Every event that triggers a create, update or delete of an entity should be logged.
User supplied input must be sanitized before writing to the log.

enhancement good first issue

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