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dwk2 commented Sep 24, 2019

Issue description

francesca Today at 10:09 AM
Noticing a little discrepancy on Software Dependencies for Local/Mac installation under the "improve performance on Mac OSX:" section - the update to the volumes in the apache section is already all set I think?but with slightly different naming ... on my docker-compose.local.yml my volume path is ./data/apache/html (not ./mnt/html as the docume

MarcusBarnes commented Jul 9, 2018

Edit the Indexing annotations in Solr wiki page to help for a smoother setup. For example, when describing editing solrconfig.xml, provide the file path to the file on the standard development vagrant /usr/local/solr/collection1/conf/solrconfig.xml and appropriate commands (e.g., sudo nano solrconfig.xml). Possibly also link the steps in this wiki page to the checklist recommended in thi

Allows users to create and view Manuscripts. Including the upload of TEI and XSLT and CSS documents. Users will be able to view transformed manuscript TEI (via the upload XSLT) side by side with the image(s) of the manuscript (via the Open Seadragon viewer). Users will also be able to browse Manuscripts via Box / Folder hierarchies as defined by their inventory record.

  • Updated Aug 23, 2018
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