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flight16 commented Apr 12, 2015

When reading the usage output, I didn't expect to be able to use --short while reading a journal, but it worked. This makes sense knowing the code, but just from reading the usage it is unexpected.

I think '--short' and '--tags' should be listed under 'Reading' with a note under 'Export' that 'Reading''s options can also be used.

usage: jrnl [-h] [-v] [-ls] [-from DATE] [-until DATE] [-on
JacobEvelyn commented Sep 17, 2019

Adding an activity description with a comma after a first-name-last-initial construction results in the comma getting deleted. For example:

Got lunch with Jacob E, Grace, and her friend.


Got lunch with **Jacob Evelyn** **Grace Hopper**, and her friend.

Of note, we do want to swallow punctuation here when it’s a period and not the end of the sentence. Bu

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