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DirectXMan12 commented Jun 29, 2020

The straightforward way to do webhook testing with envtest looks something like

// in BeforeSuite
env := envtest.Environment{ /* set directory paths, etc */}

// in the contents of a test file
BeforeEach(func() {
  go mgr.Start(stopCh)
AfterEach(func() { close(stopCh) })

It("should do stuff with the webhook", func() {
  Expect(cl.Create(ctx, myObj)).To(Explode(
DirectXMan12 commented Apr 27, 2020

#317 introduces support for a pattern we generally don't recommend: pointers as map values. This is mainly for a few legacy use cases that folks want to support, but I think we generally want to warn people that this isn't a pattern that we/the kube API conventions generally suggest/support.

We probably want something that looks a lot like our error reporting system, but works adds a "non-fata

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