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askusbloodfist commented Dec 30, 2017

Hi there! I dont know if you remmeber me. I was the guy working on the Theme "Simple" Ive seen you been hard work on Vocaluxe. So i started working on my Theme and been doing some changes. Do you remmeber the implementation you did about "StaticExtra" You did that so i could add a static that changes color to the diffrent players.

Could you maby add this so its usable in the ScreenScore.xml =?

barbeque-squared commented Nov 4, 2018

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In theory, we could support m different Voices across n Players. In the best case, and assuming Players do not get to choose which Voice they get to sing, you basically have to make a bunch of rectangles and then cluster them in a visually pleasing way inside a bigger rectangle (ie, the s

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