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xmatthias commented Feb 14, 2020

While ccxt does a great job unifying most functions / settings, not everything is or can be unified.
I think it would be good to provide a separate wiki/documentation page which documents exchange-specific properties.

The behavior is there now and all is working well - but to find it users need to search through issues (which are not easy to navigate) to find certain exchange-specifics - and o

bhallier commented Feb 2, 2018

It look like some currencies have more precision in the mouseover display on the plot than others. For example, EOS shows many digits past the decimal while ETH only shows two. Adding a few more digits would make interpreting the charts much easier. The left plot shows the rounding I'm describing and the right shows the higher precision that EOS displays.


bockelmansebastian commented Dec 31, 2019

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Clearly describe the problem
The API does not state there's a limit on how many ISIN codes can be sent in one request.
The API returns http 403 which is not very helpful.

**What time did the problem occur? (with

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