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Mastodon is a large social media network built as a decentralized federation of independently operated servers. It has a strong focus on privacy and anti-abuse features. Mastodon's server-side technology is Ruby on Rails, and its front end is written in JavaScript (React.js and Redux). It implements both the OStatus and ActivityPub protocols and is thus interoperable with other social networks. There are several client applications for different platforms available.

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ardydo commented Oct 16, 2018

While I understand that it's intended to bring people to mastodon, the end result is just way less people interacting with the posts if it's just a warning with a link.

Currently I'm finding myself just posting more and more on twitter so I can use the manual CW'ing and have my posts show up in both and I don't alienate my twitter followers from my content and neither subject my mastodon follow

silkevicious commented Nov 3, 2018

Hi, i would like to know if there are any plans for adding some kind of translation in the future.

I know there are more important features to add right now, and the "standard" brutaldon user probably knows (well?) english, but this could be a good additional feature as well, in my humble opinion.

What's your point of view? Is there any room for this?

Created by Eugen Rochko

Released October 5, 2016

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