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pkaske commented Dec 29, 2020

I figured out a way to get the (x,y,z) data points for each frame from one hand previously. but im not sure how to do that for the new holistic model that they released. I am trying to get the all landmark data points for both hands as well as parts of the chest and face. does anyone know how to extract the holistic landmark data/print it to a text file? or at least give me some directions as to h

A repository that shares tuning results of trained models generated by TensorFlow / Keras. Post-training quantization (Weight Quantization, Integer Quantization, Full Integer Quantization, Float16 Quantization), Quantization-aware training. TensorFlow Lite. OpenVINO. CoreML. TensorFlow.js. TF-TRT. MediaPipe. ONNX. [.tflite,.h5,.pb,saved_model,tfjs,tftrt,mlmodel,.xml/.bin, .onnx]

  • Updated Nov 28, 2021
  • Python
phlash commented Nov 3, 2021

TFLite are now up to 2.6.1 (stable) and beyond in testing releases:

These may offer fixes for newer toolchains (GCC 11+, Clang 12+), in particular on more bleeding edge distros such as Manjaro.

Ticket here is to try these later versions of TFLite against newer toolchains, and ensure backscrub still actually works 😄

See also: #93

这是一个 Flutter Packge 以实现摄像头精确追踪并识别十指的运动路径/轨迹和手势动作, 且输出22个手部关键点以支持更多手势自定义. 基于这个包可以编写业务逻辑将手势信息实时转化为指令信息: 一二三四五, rock, spiderman...还可以对不同手势编写不同特效. 可用于短视频直播特效, 智能硬件等领域, 为人机互动带来更自然丰富的体验

  • Updated Jun 6, 2020
  • Dart

Generate saved_model, tfjs, tf-trt, EdgeTPU, CoreML, quantized tflite, ONNX, OpenVINO, Myriad Inference Engine blob and .pb from .tflite. Support for building environments with Docker. It is possible to directly access the host PC GUI and the camera to verify the operation. NVIDIA GPU (dGPU) support. Intel iHD GPU (iGPU) support. Supports inverse quantization of INT8 quantization model.

  • Updated Nov 27, 2021
  • Python

MediaPipe(Python版)を用いて手の姿勢推定を行い、検出したキーポイントを用いて、簡易なMLPでハンドサインとフィンガージェスチャーを認識するサンプルプログラムです。(Estimate hand pose using MediaPipe(Python version). This is a sample program that recognizes hand signs and finger gestures with a simple MLP using the detected key points.)

  • Updated Apr 20, 2021
  • Jupyter Notebook

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