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dengBox commented Aug 6, 2020




  1. 翻看源码发现不能热更新的原因是因为import-html-entry中缓存了 embedHTMLCache
  2. qiankunimportEntry时,如果已经获取过html资源,每次获取的都是内存中的html,以至于script & style也是缓存的
  3. 我的解决方案是,在import-html-entry中导出根据app去清除缓存的钩子函数
  4. 在qiankun中包裹其方法,根据single-spa的appStatus进行卸载应用
hardl commented Oct 16, 2021

unlike in sandbox attribute, Feature Policies in allow attribute are separated by semicolon.
Currently luigi just concatenates the values in allowRules though, adding whitespace.

Expected behaviour:

A config like

allowRules: ['a','b','c']

should result in the following allow attribute:

<iframe ... allow="a; b; c;">

Note: For compatibility reasons (user could have already worka

smackfu commented Mar 8, 2021

🐞 Bug Report

Describe the bug

In this example code, the log parameter is defaulted to an empty object, but then line 28 references clonedLog.request.metaData which is not defined.

To Reproduce

If you write a test

eladav commented Aug 13, 2019

Now when you create a new component using dcm init it'll generate a package.json file with your dependencies set to some static version we hard-coded. In the process of creating the component dcm can check on npm and see what is the latest version that makes sense and initialize the component with that (i.e. there should be some strategy other than taking the latest but not something too com

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