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dharb commented Mar 11, 2021

First of all, this is a really excellent tool you've built and I want to say thank you.

Feature request:
It's not always obvious that an app uses Google Maps without first using the app. This leads to some repeated work:

  • patch app
  • install app on device
  • test patched app and discover it uses Google Maps
  • uninstall app
  • patch app again using --wait option
  • replace Google Maps
alxbl commented Aug 6, 2020

Currently, if an intercepted client disconnects while their session is hijacked, PyRDP will ignore the request for disconnect until the RDP client times out, after which point both connections (client - pyrdp and pyrdp - server) are disconnected. Dropping the hijacked session in the process.

It would be nice and not too complicated to disconnect the client smoothly while keeping the hijacked se

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